Types of Hardwood Floor Installation
Methods for Installing Wood Floor Products

Installing and finishing of hardwood floors is a detailed and pain staking project for the do it yourselfer (DIY). It's rewards are the enjoyment of the enduring beauty a wood floor gives to any room setting. The following links provide information that is generally accepted in the trade and have incorporated many years of experience. A successful installation depends upon the installer and close attention to details before, & during the actual installation process. The information provided here is true for most hardwood floorings, however they DO NOT represent foolproof instructions and individual applications vary from job site to job site. ALWAYS read and follow manufacturers instructions. Wood Floors Online AND Hardwood Floors Online.com, Inc., assumes NO risk or liability for these procedures or their use.
Knowing the terms used will help you understand the how's & what's about wood floor installation. Take a few minutes to check out some other related links to help you understand these procedures more fully. I

  •  FinishingWoodFloors.com - Hot linked Directly to the National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association's Finishing Manual of Procedures and tips from start to finish.        

Three (3) Installation
Methods most commonly used

Floated - laminates or engineered
Glued - laminates or  engineered
Nailed/Stapled -  engineered or solids


Plywood-on-slab detail  

NOFMA Installation diagram - over plywood






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