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  Sound Control for Wood Floor Products

Sound Control and Sound Control Products for 
Installation under Wood Floor products

Sound striking a ceiling or wall surface is transmitted through the air in the ceiling or wall cavity. It then strikes the opposite surface, causing it to vibrate and transmit the sound into adjoining rooms. Sounds can also be transmitted through any opening in the room, such as window openings, doors, electrical outlets and air ducts. This effect is called air-borne sound transmission.

Sound rating values measure the amount of sound that is transmitted from room to room. The values are determined by by the reduction of noise attributed to the barrier elements. 

Sound Tansmission Class (STC) measures the reduction of air-borne noise within a room such as any audio producing device. An STC of 61 or above is generally considered an acceptable level of airborne control rating.

Impact Insulation Class (IIC) measures the transmission of noise caused by impact to the floor surface. An IIC or above is generally considered an acceptable impact noise control.

Many condominium association have a set of protective convents with even more stringent regulations than the Uniform or National and Local Building Codes. Make sure you are well aware of those details in writing when wanting to install wood floor products on the existing floor. These regulation are more often than not more strict in newer high rise apartment buildings.

Sound Control Materials:

  • Acoustical backed wood flooring

  • Sound Control Matting, loose laid under an NWFA recommended floating subfloor system

  • Sound deadening boards applied with an adhesive approved by the manufacturer

  • 1/16" to 1/4" closed cell foam, loose laid under an NWFA recommended floating subfloor system

  • 6mm or thicker acoustical cork material  applied to the subfloor or underlayment with an adhesive approved by the manufacturer

  • NOTE: Always follow manufacturers instruction for this procedure and consult the manufacturer of the sound control material being used, such that the method of construction to meet minimum sound rating values of the project can be determined.

  • CAUTION:  DO NOT use nails that will penetrate the sound material as the integrity of the sound control material can be jeopardized. If nails are used, the impact will travel the nail to the surface below, and will negate the effectiveness of the sound control system. Also the floor MUST NOT come in contact with walls, post or any other fixtures that may transmit noise to another part of the building or surface.










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