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Troubleshooting Moisture Concerns when Installing Wood Floor Products
For the wood floor retailer and wood floor contractor

Assessing the responsibility for hardwood floors affected by moisture is sometimes difficult because of the complexity of contributing causes, and because the source of the moisture is seldom obvious.

It is often convenient for all parties to point the finger of responsibility at the flooring contractor, the distributor or the manufacturer of the flooring. In some cases, of course, the flooring itself is responsible, but most of the shrinkage and expansion problems with wood floors involve jobsite moisture conditions. These conditions cannot be controlled by flooring manufacturers, nor in many instances by sub-contractors responsible for installing the wood floor, unless interior humidity is maintained at proper levels. Make sure that jobsite condition are are meet to the "T".

By using responsible practices for the installation, and by checking on the various moisture contents at the site, the flooring contractor is taking the necessary steps toward a successful installation. See Moisture Detection Equipment.

Yet, the fast pace of new-home construction accounts for some practices that are detrimental to hardwood floors and many other building products. When builders' schedules demand that wood floors be put down before all doors and windows are in place, or before concrete and masonry are dry, the homeowner ultimately pays with the inconvenience of putting up with a faulty hardwood floor.

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