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Domestic & Exotic Imported Wood Floor Species
Installing Domestic & Exotic Wood Flooring Products
Wood Floor Species 

Like all organic materials, WOOD has its own character and quirks responding to the environment, and will change over time. Wood should be treated with understanding and a certain amount of care. For wood flooring professionals, knowing about wood properties, as well as individual species, is critical to proper installation. For consumers, it's important to have realistic expectations about how wood will perform. Knowing the products species, character & wood properties will help the installer and consumer alike.

The information and graphics concerning wood floor species and their properties are those generally accepted descriptions. Wood is a natural material subject to many variations in color, dimensional stability, grain, and hardness. No description is able to encompass all possible variations.  accepts no liability or risk for the application or use of the information and graphic representation contained herein. 

The following Domestic and Imported (Exotics) Wood Flooring Species are the most common used in the flooring industry. We suggest to fully understand the various wood species see the following detailed graphics for each species. Also see Wood Floor Grades & Cuts

DOMESTIC & IMPORTED Wood Flooring Species:  

Availability, Graphics, Properties and Workability are detailed

DOMESTIC:Ash - Beech - Birch - Cherry - Douglas Fir - Heart Pine - Hickory Pecan Maple (Hard) - Mesquite - Red Oak - Walnut - White Oak - Yellow Pine

IMPORTED: Brazilian Cherry - Cypress (Australian) - Jarrah - Mahogany (Santos) - Merbau - Padauk (African) - Purpleheart - Rubberwood - Teak (Thia/Burmese) - Wenge

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White Ash



Brazilian Cherry

Black Cherry


Douglas Fir

Heart Pine

Hickory & Pecan



Sugar Maple



Red Oak

White Oak


Yellow Pine






Exotic Wood Floor Species Chart
90 samples





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